How to select socks--the material of socks

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In our daily life, maybe we are so busy that we tend to ignore many details in our life.For example, have you ever noticed if your socks fit you and are comfortable?Today I will share with you what kind of socks is good, for our health, I should buy what kind of socks?

Usually we like to wear pure cotton socks, cotton has moisture absorption, moisture retention, heat resistance, alkali resistance, health, contact with the skin without stimulation or negative effects, long time wearing is beneficial to human body, good health performance.

But is pure cotton 100% cotton?The answer from hosiery experts is no, if a pair of socks are made of 100% cotton, then those socks are cotton!Completely!!!!100% cotton socks have an especially high shrinkage rate, making them longer lasting.

Socks with more than 75% cotton content are commonly referred to as cotton socks.General cotton content of 85% socks are very high-grade cotton socks.Cotton socks also need to add some functional fibers.Keep your socks elastic, firm and comfortable.

Choosing good socks and understanding the composition of the socks is part of that.In different styles, different seasons and different designs socks will be due to differences in style, material and craft, resulting in different lengths, thicknesses, textures and feel is normal.

Socks design, production technology, weaving, technology and so on are also the main reference index to measure good socks.