About Us


We're Abida.

A team of only a few people has grown to the size of dozens of people today, we are committed to the product can have the best materials and characteristics of the design. Meeting challenges makes us better, and our passion for unique design and collaboration turns our vision and products into reality.

Our products bring together the best materials and amazing designs to create something very special. We believe in quality, care and creating unique products that everyone can enjoy. Each product is colorful, creative, and inspired by what we see every day, and each product represents the world we live in that we love. We hope they are helpful to you.

We Sweat The Small Stuff.

Small things matter. They add up. And they turn into big things. So we spent a lot of time identifying small problems with socks and other products. The painful toe seams. Paint fall off. Socks that slip. You name it, we found it. Then we tweaked, tweaked and tweaked those things until we reached total perfection.

100% Happiness Guaranteed.

We like you. Is it too soon to say that? We care so much about your happiness that we have a bunch of the best, nicest, most awesome human beings we could find to help with anything you need. We call them the ABIDA Customer Happiness Team, and they’re your go-to when you need a recommendation, a refund, or just a reason to smile.